TellMeGen Review : how acurate and reliable is it ?

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Our view

TellMeGen offers comprehensive DNA testing for in-depth analysis of health and ancestry. It reveals predispositions to over 200 monogenic diseases, including Alzheimer’s and certain cancers, and sheds light on ways to minimize risk. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, customers benefit from detailed information and personalized advice. Subject to strict EU regulations, the company guarantees optimum data security and confidentiality, and 99.99% reliability of results. However, it does not offer the possibility of creating a family tree. For this, we recommend that you opt for MyHeritage DNA, whose results are much more accurate and offers you the option of creating your own family tree.

  • Detailed, easy-to-understand graphic report
  • Complete health report
  • Good value for money
  • Consultation service available for personalized medical follow-up
  • Active customer service
  • Automatic destruction of samples after analysis
  • Use of the frequently-updated French genome
  • DNA Connect functionality to ensure genetic matches
  • Consultation and advice service is chargeable
  • Little ancestry reporting

Faced with the boom in home DNA testing, the laboratories genealogical laboratories offering DNA testing continues to grow. TellMeGen stands out for its comprehensive package providing medical information and insight into ancestry at a single rate. It represents an excellent choice for people wishing to decipher their genetic heritage. What are TellMeGen DNA tests worth? Are the tests effective and reliable? We give you our opinion after testing TellMeGen.

Key facts about Tellmegen

🗓️ Year of creation2014
🧬Type of DNA test offeredAutosomal DNA test
Health test
Personal traits test
🌏 Geographical coverageMore than 2,000 regions
🧪 Type of samplingSaliva
📈 Results reportsEthnic origins
Personal traits
Pharmacological compatibility
Genetic predisposition to disease
Wellness information
💾 Database2 millions +
🔍 Search tools✅ 
🔬Reliability and precision99 %
⏳Processing timeAbout 2 weeks
📞 Customer
💵  PriceStarter kit: €139
Advanced kit: €199
🗂 Data compatibility
💪 Key pointsOffers over 400 different results
Over 750,000 mutations studied
Medical consultation available
Predictive genetics
Uses Illumina chip technology and Global Screening Array
ISO9001:2015 certified
Goes back 200,000 years in history

A few words about TellMeGen

TellMeGen is a laboratory specializing in autosomal DNA testing based in Valencia, Spain. Founded in 2006, the company combines scientific expertise and advanced technology to offer detailed analyses of health and ancestry. TellMeGen stands out for its innovative services and accuracy, which has earned it the trust of thousands of people. The company focuses on preventing hereditary diseases, improving well-being and offering treatments tailored to the diagnoses.

The DNA tests offered by TellMeGen


TellmeGen offers two DNA kits: the starter kit and the Advanced kit. For each kit, the laboratory uses microarray technology to analyze over 750,000 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) on the human genome. This method provides valuable health information and raw data on an individual’s ancestry, genealogical and ethnic origins.

TellmeGen Starter DNA Kit


TellMeGen’s DNA Starter Kit offers a complete analysis of your ancestry and personal traits (health and physical conditions). It details your ethnic origins back 200,000 years and examines over 750,000 genetic markers and 90 genetic traits.

Three main tests are possible with this kit: 

  • An autosomal test to discover your geographic origins among 53 population groups around the world
  • A mitochondrial test (on the X chromosome) to find out your maternal lineage
  • yDNA test (on Y chromosome) to determine paternal lineage

This DNA starter kit also allows you to perform a comparison of your DNA with that of Neanderthal man to identify similarities. As well as revealing your personal traits, it studies your reactions to 30 nutrients(minerals, vitamins…). The kit also assesses your physical reactions (muscle recovery, endurance…) and allergic predispositions.

TellmeGen Advanced DNA Kit


TellMeGen’s Advanced DNA Kit is a complete DNA testing package. It combines all the services offered by the starter kit, but completes with over 400 reports. Indeed, the advanced kit analyzes your genetic predispositions to 59 pathologies such as asthma, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hypertension and several cancers (pancreatic, thyroid, colorectal prostate). 

It also assesses the risks associated with 97 hereditary monogenic diseases (Beta Thalassemia, cystic fibrosis…). What’s more, this advanced DNA kit studies your body’s pharmacological compatibility with 171 drug molecules. All this information makes it possible to anticipate and prevent certain diseases for personalized medical care.

How the TellMeGen DNA test works

The way TellMeGen DNA tests work, is not that different from other laboratories. You simply need to follow a well-defined process.

Ordering the DNA kit


Go to the official laboratory website to choose the kit of your choice. Then fill in the order form with your full name and contact details. In this way, the kit will be dispatched rapidly to the desired address. For French residents, direct ordering on the site is not possible.

However,you can purchase the TellMeGen test on Amazon Germany and have it delivered to your home.

Sample collection

As soon as you receive your package in the post, start by creating your user account. To do this, scan the QR code in the instruction booklet or visit the official website. You must now register your kit by entering the identification code on the swab reservoir or in the instruction booklet. 

For sample collection, be sure not to eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes before sampling. Fill the tube with saliva up to the black line, then close it with the cap. You can use the swabs to make sampling easier.

Send to lab and analyze samples

Once the kit has been registered and the sample taken, you must return this sample for laboratory analysis. You will receive an e-mail with a link to download the label you will need to send your sample to the laboratory. Print the label received by e-mail and stick it on the plastic bag of your kit.

Place the tube(s) with the saliva sample(s) in the box, then put the box inside the bag. Prepare the package, and take it to the courier office we indicate in the e-mail.

Release results

Results are available over 4 to 6 weeks on your personal online space. These are available in PDF format, easy to download, print or save on a USB key. Please note that before opening your results, you can decide what information you would prefer not to appear.

Results provided

The online portal displays the findings of the Spanish laboratory. These results can be classified into two main categories, namely: health and ancestry reports.

Ascendancy report


TellMeGen analyzes your DNA against thousands of individuals from various ethnicities and reference groups. The test studies the genetic markers of over 74 ethnic groups worldwide. It reveals your ethnic heritage and traces the migratory movements of your ancestors over 3,000 years. You’ll also discover your maternal and paternal haplogroups. On their digital interface, you’ll find a map displaying the proportions of your ethnic origins. By clicking on the buttons on the left, you’ll get more details about your ancestry.

Health report


After analyzing your samples, TellMeGen presents you with a complete health report divided into 5 categories as follows: 

  • Genetic predisposition to disease ;
  • Pharmacological compatibility ;
  • Susceptibility to inherited monogenic diseases ;
  • Health traits.

The TellMeGen dashboard is easy to understand. Simply click on items to obtain detailed information (risk level, appropriate treatment for your health).

Other features

In addition to these two reports, TellMeGen offers other interesting services and features to help you better understand your genetic universe. 

The advice and consultation service

TellMeGen offers an advice and consultation service based on your health reports. The aim of this service is to educate and support you in the face of genetic diseases. To achieve this, the company puts you in touch with nutrition experts and geneticists to benefit from consultations and advice. This way, you’ll know the risks associated with your disease, the implications for future generations and the compatibility of your medications with your genetics. 

DNA Connect


DNA Connect is a feature offered by TellMeGen that uses your ancestry report to find genetic matches. 

This feature lets you connect and compare your genetic information with other users. This can help you identify genetic relationships, DNA matches, or even common ancestors.

You can use this service to track down long-lost family members, discover shared ethnic origins. It can also be useful for finding out more about your own genetic heritage by comparing it with that of others.

The genome exploration tool

The genome mining tool is a huge database regularly updated by TellMeGen. You can download your raw genetic data in CSV format and access a service called Raw data. This service offers the ability to analyze raw genetic data from other companies such as 23andme, Ancestry, MyHeritage, among others.

TellMeGen is able to analyze this data, provided it is coded according to certain specifications. Using this service, you can obtain several reports on your health, personal traits and well-being. You can discover your genetic origins and even use the DNA Connect service to find genetic relatives. 

Test reliability and accuracy

In the field of genetic testing, reliability is paramount, as results influence the health and well-being of individuals. TellMeGen recognizes this importance and ensures that every sample is processed meticulously.

To achieve this, the company employs advanced technologies and innovative analysis methods. It regularly invests in research to optimize the accuracy of its tests. As a result,the data delivered by TellMeGen is based on a robust scientific foundation and meticulous evaluations.

TellMeGen data security and privacy

TellMeGen is subject to European Union regulations (Organic Law 3/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679). These standards guarantee strict protection of personal data. To reinforce confidentiality, each TellMeGen DNA kit has an alphanumeric identification code.

This code preserves the anonymity of each user during testing. The laboratory’s website uses the SSL cryptographic protocol to ensure data security. Also, TellMeGen holds ISO 9 001 version 2015 certification. This accreditation confirms the accuracy and reliability of the company’s genetic tests, offering accuracy in excess of 99.99%.

TellMeGen DNA test prices

The price of TellMeGen tests reflects a balance between affordability and the quality of genetic information provided. The starter DNA kit sells for 139 euros and the advanced kit for 199 euros.

Our opinion of TellMeGen

We think TellMeGen offers a complete, educational and secure experience for those wishing to explore their DNA. Their modus operandi is similar to that of other laboratories. However, TellMeGen stands out for its clear instructions for sample collection and turnaround time. 

The online platform provided is rich in information and intuitive to use. Although their ancestry data is detailed, it seems less comprehensive than that of EasyDNA or Ancestry DNA. TellMeGen’s real strength is its health report. It covers over 200 hereditary conditions and 400 genetic characteristics. 

This information is presented clearly, detailing various genetic predispositions. In terms of value for money, TellMeGen outperforms many competitors. In addition, their transparency regarding data protection and compliance with European regulations inspire confidence.

Comparative with other DNA tests

TellmeGen vs 23andMe

TellMeGen and 23andMe are two major players in the field of at-home DNA testing, each offering unique perspectives on personal genetics. TellMeGen stands out for the depth and organization of its reports on hereditary conditions, complex diseases and personal traits.

Their database is continually updated to ensure accurate and up-to-date results. In turn, 23andMe excels in providing detailed ancestry reports, including maternal and paternal haplogroup information.

TellmeGen vs AncestryDNA

TellMeGen and AncestryDNA both offer at-home autosomal testing. TellMeGen excels in the analysis of hereditary conditions and genetic traits, emphasizing confidentiality and compliance with European regulations. AncestryDNA, on the other hand, is renowned for its detailed ancestry reports and the ability to connect with distant relatives thanks to its vast user base. Unlike TellMeGen, AncestryDNA does not offer Y-DNA and mitochondrial testing, and delivery times are much longer.

TellMeGen vs Nebula Genomics

TellMeGen, based in Valencia, Spain, offers comprehensive genetic testing and also provides access to genetic counseling. Their reports cover more than 125 genetic predispositions to various health problems, hereditary diseases, character traits, ancestry data and pharmacological compatibility. The TellMeGen platform ensures high confidentiality, using encrypted alphanumeric codes for DNA kits and SSL encryption protocols for web connections.

On the other hand, Nebula Genomics stands out for its whole-genome sequencing offering, which decodes 100% of an individual’s DNA. As a result, it offers a more in-depth perspective on health and ancestry. Nebula Genomics uses Blockchain technology to ensure data protection.

TellMeGen vs Family Tree DNA

Spanish company TellMeGen stands out for its ability to provide detailed information on health, genetic predispositions to various diseases and pharmacological compatibilities. Family Tree DNA is widely recognized for its ancestry tests, offering in-depth analyses of maternal, paternal and autosomal lineages. 

They’re particularly popular with genealogists for their ability to create a complete family tree. Comparing the two, TellMeGen might be preferred for comprehensive health information, while Family Tree DNA would be the choice for in-depth genealogy exploration.