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24Genetics - review

With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, 24 Genetetics offers the most comprehensive range of DNA tests in the world. Its tests are the most advanced and accurate on the market, covering thousands of regions and hundreds of traits. With just one kit, you get 7 detailed and accurate reports: ancestry, health, nutrigenetics, skin care, talent and personality, sports and pharmacogenetics.

A DNA test is the ideal tool for analyzing an individual’s genetic code in detail. It can also prove useful in screening for, and even preventing, certain genetic diseases. 24Genetics offers a wide range of services for those planning to take a DNA test. With thousands of customers in over 100 countries, this company is one of the leading DNA testing laboratories on the market. It is one of the few DNA testing companies to offer whole-genome sequencing, with detailed breakdown and risk analysis. Here’s a complete guide to the main features and benefits of this service.

24Genetics: the essential facts

🌐Site web
🗓️ Year of creation2017
🧬Type of testDNA test origins
Health DNA test
Nutrigenetic DNA test
Pharmacogenetic DNA test
Talent and personality DNA test
Skin DNA test
Microbiota test
🌏Coverage Geographical1,500 regions
🧪Type of samplingOral sample
📈 Results reportsEthnic backgrounds in percent
Parental ancestry
Detailed fitness report
Health and nutrition report
Wellbeing and lifestyle tips
Reports on genetic predisposition to certain diseases
Recommendations on exercise and athletic sports performance
💾 Database3 million +
🔍Search tools
🔬 Reliability and accuracy99, 99 %
⏳Processing time3 to 5 working days
📞Customer supportinfo@24genetics.com
+34 910 059 099 (for residents in Europe)
💵PriceOrigin DNA test: 149 €
Health DNA test: 199 €
Nutrigenetic DNA test: 199 €
Pharmacogenetic DNA test: 199 €
Sport DNA test: 199 €
Skin DNA test: 199
Talent and personality DNA test: 149
Microbiota test: 199
DNA-All In One test pack: 399 €
🗂Data compatibilityGED GEDCOM file
💪HighlightsOffers 7 reports with a single kit
Offers the most comprehensive tests on the market
Use Illumina data sequencing technology

24Genetics : DNA kits and sampling

The laboratory offers a wide variety of test kits that cover well-being, health, diet, ancestry, personality traits and fitness. The test kits allow you to test your DNA and reveal valuable information about your family history and origins. Here’s an overview of the tests available:


Origin DNA test

To accurately determine ancestral roots with comprehensive results, 24Genetics employs different methodologies. The laboratory performs ancestry testing based on one of the best algorithms to determine the ethnic origins of the individuals tested. With over 700,000 genetic markers, the DNA test carried out by the laboratory features an exceptional level of detail. If the DNA test of origins offers this performance, it’s also because it’s based on regional data unheard of in the field of genealogical research.

The DNA origins test is carried out on the basis of autosomal DNA, which provides genealogical information from direct relatives.

Note that the Origins DNA kit is priced at 149.

Advantages of the 24Genetics autosomal DNA kit
  • Know your origins;
  • To assess the ethnic group to which one belongs;
  • Know the geographical distribution of our genetic origins

Healthy DNA test

The Health DNA test kit from 24 Genetics is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive in the field today. It analyzes thousands of genetic markers that can influence genetic predisposition to dozens of pathologies. Thus, this kit provides professionals with useful information for your healthcare.

It enables analysis of biometric predispositions and the detection of possible pathogenic mutations in hundreds of diseases. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of your genetic map, we obtain essential data that will help you make the right decisions for your health.

The laboratory’s ADN santé kit is available for 199.

Benefits of the 24Genetics Health DNA Kit
  • Get a partial overview of pathologies;
  • Summarize risk factors for certain diseases ;
  • Create a solid basis for personalized medical treatment

Nutrigenetic DNA test

Do you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but don’t know how to go about it? The nutrigenetic test is undoubtedly one of the best ways to start your program. Thanks to this test, you’ll know, for example, why caffeine affects you differently or why you like sweets more. This test is very important, as foods have different effects depending on the composition of your body.

If you wish to carry out a nutrigenetic DNA test, you should allow for a budget of 199.

Advantages of the 24Genetics nutrigenetic DNA kit
  • Determine if you are predisposed to lose weight more easily;
  • To adopt a healthy, balanced eating pattern;
  • To determine the most effective way to lose weight;

Pharmacogenetic DNA testing

The Pharmacogenetic DNA Report provides you with essential information about your genetic predisposition to drugs. Thanks to this test, you’ll know whether a pharmaceutical product is effective or toxic for your health. To draw up this report, the laboratory relies on data from several scientific studies.

The specialists then match these results to your genetic data. This makes it easier to determine your predisposition to the effects that certain drugs produce.

The pharmacogenetic DNA test kit from 24Genetics is priced at 199.

Advantages of the 24Genetics pharmacogenetic DNA kit
  • Reduce the risks associated with the side effects of pharmaceutical products;
  • Select the most suitable drugs for specific conditions;
  • Improve the well-being of those tested

DNA Sport test

The Sport DNA Test is essential for anyone planning to start major sports training. This test enables you to quickly reach your goal with the help of targeted exercises well adapted to your physical condition.

In concrete terms, the sports DNA test consists of determining your sports, muscular, metabolic and cardiovascular profile. In addition, it is useful for determining injury risk and your predisposition to suffering certain types of injury during exercise.

The sport test kit is priced at 199.

Advantages of the 24Genetics ADN sport kit
  • In-depth analysis of your physical and sporting condition;
  • establish a sports schedule adapted to your body;
  • Optimize your physical performance

DNA skin test

In practical terms, skin DNA testing involves analyzing the extent to which your genetics influence skin characteristics such as hydration and elasticity. This test is particularly recommended for people wishing to carry out skin care to improve the aesthetic appearance of their skin. The skin DNA test’s primary aim is to classify each marker according to a set of polymorphisms multiple polymorphisms associated with certain skin properties.

The skin DNA test kit is priced at 199.

Advantages of the 24Genetics cutaneous DNA kit
  • Determine the best beauty care for your skin;
  • Reduce the risk of skin disorders;
  • Optimize the effectiveness of beauty care

Talent and personality DNA test

The DNA talent and personality test is based on the principle that life experiences and environmental factors shape each individual’s personality. In particular, it allows us to determine the genetic inheritance of your personality. The specialists at 24Genetics apply prestigious genetic studies to your genetic information. You receive a detailed report with all the information concerning your personality’s genetic heritage.

If you’d like to purchase a talent and personality test kit, you’ll need to pay a fee of € 149.

Advantages of the 24Genetics talent and personality DNA kit
  • Detailed report on your predispositions to certain skills;
  • Easy to use;
  • Comprehensible and affordable

DNA testing pack: All In One

As the name suggests, the All in One kit from 24Genetics includes all the DNA tests mentioned above. The pack thus includes detailed reports on the health, pharmacogenetic, nutrigenetic, origins, talent and personality, sports and skin care DNA tests. The All in One pack comes with a saliva collector, latex gloves, shipping bag, kit registration form and detailed instructions.

Particulars for ordering a 24Genetics DNA test

To order a 24Genetics DNA test, you must first of all visit the laboratory’s official website. Click on the “Shop” section from the site’s home page and choose the pack you’re looking for. Then select the “Add to cart” option, and fill in all the information you need to order your test in the dedicated boxes. These include details such as zip code, region and bank details. Confirm your request by clicking on “Order“.

DNA test prices at 24Genetics

Here’s an overview of the tests available and the prices attached to them:

  • Original DNA test: € 149
  • Health DNA test: € 199
  • Nutrigenetic DNA test: € 199
  • Pharmacogenetic DNA test: € 199
  • Sport DNA test: € 199
  • Skin DNA test: € 199
  • Talent and personality DNA test: € 149
  • DNA test package-All In One: € 399

Although each of the products can be purchased separately, it’s often advisable to opt for the All in One package. It’s both economical and complete.

24Genetics commitments

The ordering and delivery process is simplified to enable smooth operations and guarantee a better user experience. Analysis kits are sent to the address indicated within 24 or 72 hours of purchase validation.

As for the test reports ordered, they are generally sent within 3 to 6 weeks of the order date. 24Genetics offers you the possibility of ordering from any country in the world. Also, you can request a refund if you bought the kit by mistake.

The company also offers you the option of recovering your raw data to guarantee the highest level of confidentiality. The operations carried out by this laboratory’s specialists comply with the norme GEDCOM, a data format used to exchange genealogical information between computer programs.

Keep in mind that 24Genetics relies on a certain transparency in transactions with its customers. You can visit the “Blog” section of the platform to learn more about how the site works and its special features.

Data security notice

The 24 Genetics laboratory attaches the utmost importance to the security of user data. Raw data (obtained after sequencing your DNA sample) is subject to an advanced security protocol.

Each customer has a file containing the personal data and technical references that identify him or her. This data is filtered and analyzed by a team of bioinformaticians, geneticists and doctors exclusively dedicated to this function.

All research based on this data requires explicit customer consent. User data is not sold to third parties or platforms. You can obtain the raw data by sending a request to the laboratory’s customer service department (info@24genetics.com).

What about customer service?

24 Genetics customer service is generally very responsive. To make a request, simply send an e-mail to info@24genetics.com. Support professionals will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with the service by filling in the dedicated form on the site’s home page.

For customers residing in Europe, it is possible to contact the service via telephone by dialing this number: +34 910 059 099.

Advantages and disadvantages of 24Genetics

Why choose a 24Genetics DNA kit?
  • Detailed, explicit reports running to hundreds of pages
  • Accessible and highly responsive customer service
  • A bundled offer with the best value for money on the market
  • Reliable DNA ancestry testing
  • 100 % secure DNA testing
  • French postal address delivery possible
Why not choose a 24Genetics DNA kit?
  • Deadline for receiving reports (4 to 6 weeks)
  • Difficulties in interpreting raw data

Learn more about 24Genetics

With thousands of customers in over 100 countries, 24 Genetics is the European leader in genetic testing for ancestry, health and well-being. The laboratory carries out algorithmic testing and processing in Europe. The team is made up of several experienced scientific specialists who are certified in their field of expertise.

The tests carried out by the laboratory are approved by the NBCI, the world’s leading genetics organization. 24 Genetics collaborates with several specialists to provide customers with a better experience and high-quality service.

Our genealogists’ opinion of 24 Genetics


24 Genetics is a testing laboratory offering comprehensive, well-detailed reports. With thousands of customers installed in several countries, 24Genetics offers extremely high-performance DNA sequencing.

A reliable European genetic laboratory

Almost all laboratories offering genetic DNA testing make a profit by commercializing the data collected. 24 Genetics does not resell customer data to third-party partners or platforms. This partly explains the relatively high prices of some of this laboratory’s kits. The laboratory complies with European regulations regarding respect for personal data and user privacy.

Various and comprehensive DNA analyses

The 24 Genetics laboratory is the genetic DNA testing company with the largest product portfolio. The laboratory offers several types of DNA tests. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the package that suits you. You can order a genetic DNA test report for Health, Pharmacogenetics, Nutrigenetics, Sports, Skin Care, Personality and Ancestry. You can also order a full report with all these tests at an affordable rate.

Possibility of obtaining DNA reports from other laboratories

The hypothesis to consider here is that you have performed a genetic test at another company or laboratory. This structure gives you the option of using the raw data from your genetic map to create your reports. This option is particularly recommended for those wishing to obtain analysis reports at relatively low rates. For example, it’s possible to mine raw data from labs such as 23andme, Ancestry.com and MyHeritage to create a 24Genteics report.

24Genetics or 23AndMe?

Although 24Genetics and 23andme offer similar services, there are a few differences between the services. The first is in the test options. 23andMe offers a comprehensive genealogy test with information on ethnic origins, distant cousins and genetic risks. 24Genetics, meanwhile, offers separate health and genealogy testing options.

On the features front, 23andMe offers access to an online community for sharing results and establishing kinship links. For its part, 24Genetics offers an option for online genetic consultation with a specialist doctor.

When it comes to the information provided, 24Genetics offers a broader range, as the laboratory examines 230 traits. It is the laboratory that provides the most information regarding diseases and medical conditions. On the other hand, 23andMe’s prices are higher overall than those of 24Genetics. With the All in One package, 24Genetics offers exceptional value for money.

24Genetics or MyHeritage DNA?

The offering from MyHeritage DNA differs from that of 24 Genetics on several points. Firstly, it should be noted that 24 Genetics’ results on DNA testing of origins is more comprehensive and detailed.

On the other hand, the offer proposed by the 24 Genetics laboratory is more complete, as it includes a wide variety of test kits. On the MyHeritage side, there is only an autosomal DNA kit and a health DNA kit.

As far as features are concerned, MyHeritage offers the option of obtaining reports in video form. Last but not least, MyHeritage is more extensive when it comes to creating a family tree. In fact, unlike 24 Genetics, MyHeritage offers the possibility of building a family tree online for free.

24 Genetics is undoubtedly the laboratory you should select if you want to carry out a genetic test. With the various kits on offer, you’re sure to find a formula to suit your expectations and budget. The offer from 24Genetics . is without doubt the most comprehensive in the field today. The kits offer exceptional value for money, and deliver reliable results.

FAQ: Your 24Genetics questions answered

What payment methods are available?

For those living in Europe, it’s possible to pay by credit card, PayPal or even bank transfer. In Spain, it is also possible to pay cash on delivery of reports.

How much does shipping cost with 24Genetics?

Delivery of orders costing over 249 euros is free to all countries worldwide. For orders below this amount, you must pay 25 euros for delivery.

Can I request deletion of my data?

All customers can request deletion of their data from 24Genetics databases. The laboratory department will process your request within 2 weeks maximum