Myheritage reimagine review : the application for preserving and reliving your most precious moments

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Our view

A mobile app available on iOS and Android, Reimagine by MyHeritage uses AI to revive your historic photos, colorize and animate them. The app is very fluid, stable and easy to use, and scanning your photos is quick enough. Once they’ve been processed, you can edit them and share them on your social networks or with friends and family. Reimagine is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the quality or bring to life old photos while creating a family tree, or to share memories at an important family event.

With the rise of artificial intelligence and digitalization, preserving and reviving your precious moments is proving easier. Reimagine from MyHeritage lets you bring your old photos back to life. But does it really live up to its promise? We tested this revolutionary feature of MyHeritage and here’s our feedback and opinion.

Reimagine by MyHeritage DNA: a tool to bring old photos back to life


Reimagine is an exciting initiative from MyHeritage, a leading genealogy company. Available on iOS and Android, this mobile app incorporates advanced artificial intelligence to improve the quality of your old photos.

Reimagine also lets you color and restore old photos.

One of Reimagine’s flagship features is the multipage scanner. It is used to quickly scan entire pages of a photo album. This technology automatically detects and crops each photo, saving precious time.

But the app doesn’t just digitize. It brings your memories back to life, transforming them into digital treasures for future generations.

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How Reimagine works

The operation of Reimagine is simple and easy to understand by all users. Just follow the steps carefully to get the most out of it. 

Step 1:  login and Registration 

Access the mobile application or go to the website to log in. Enter your usual login details (e-mail address, password) if you already have a MyHeritage account. Otherwise, download the Reimagine application from Apple Store ou PlayStore and register.

Step 2: import and scan

Once logged in, press the “More” button to start processing your images. Import the photos to be processed from your device for scanning. Select “Scan photos”. A tutorial will appear to guide you. You can scan several individual photos or entire album pages at once. Photos are automatically cropped and saved in the application and on the site.

Step 3: enhancement and editing

After scanning the photos, you can enhance and edit your image. To do this, the application offers you numerous editing tools appearing as icons at the top of your screen. Simply use them to add color and other details such as a title, date, location, and even an audio recording with the microphone icon.

Step 4: Sharing photos 

After processing and restoring your photos, you can press the share icon. You can share the enhanced version (bearing the thumbnail), the original or a before/after comparison.

Step 5: conservation

The original photos remain intact. Enhanced versions are stored separately, guaranteeing the preservation of your original memories. These images can be downloaded or saved to a hard disk for future use.

Reimagine MyHeritage rates

Reimagine by MyHeritage offers free scanning for a limited number of album pages and allows you to enhance a few photos at no charge. To benefit from unlimited use, a subscription is required.

The annual subscription costs $49.99 or 47, 48 euros, with a 7-day trial period. The monthly subscription is $7.99, or 7.59 euros without a trial period. 

These subscriptions give access to all Reimagine features.

If you have a MyHeritage Complet subscription, you can use most of Reimagine’s functions.

However, unlimited scanning of album pages is exclusive to the Reimagine application. So even complete subscribers must subscribe to Reimagine for this feature. What’s more, a 25 % discount is offered to complete subscribers when they sign up for Reimagine’s annual subscription.

The security of your data

MyHeritage’s Reimagine tool benefits from an extensive protection system to ensure the security and confidentiality of its users’ data. In fact, your information as well as your photos are protected by advanced security protocols. MyHeritage also undertakes never to sell or share your data with third parties without your express consent.

Reimagine : Advantages and disadvantages

  • 7-day free trial
  • 25 % discount for a Full subscription
  • The tool works with advanced AI
  • Scan multiple pages quickly
  • Intégration with MyHeritage
  • Picture coloring and restoration
  • Offers photo identification functionality
  • Unlimited digitization requires a subscription
  • Requires a MyHeritage account
  • Paid application at €7.55 per month after trial period

Our opinion after using the Reimagine mobile app

✅ We think Reimagine is a real innovation in the field of photo retouching. This tool offers an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with our origins. More than simply contemplating old photos, it invites us to rediscover them, to experience them from a renewed and deeply touching angle.

Reviewing old wedding photos of my grandparents in color and digitized with greatly improved sharpness, allowed me to rediscover my forefathers in a new light.

However, the app’s price tag could be a hindrance to universal access.

Testimonials and feedback from other users


Reimagine users appreciate the app’s ability to bring old photos back to life and share them with family and friends. Many users highlight the app’s ease of use, the quality of photo retouching and the emotion felt when rediscovering memories.

However, some mention connection difficulties as well as difficulties in cancelling the subscription.