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23andme Review
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23andme - Review

23andMe is a genealogy laboratory specialising in DNA analysis and more specifically in DNA health kits. Thanks to US FDA certification, genealogists provide extensive analysis reports on origins, traits and also on your health status.

Although there are many videos about 23AndMe, we recommend the MyHeritage DNA kit. Yes, MyHeritage is the best DNA test! It has excellent customer reviews and gives good results for learning more about your ancestors’ ethnic and geographic origins. It allows you to create your family tree online.

Founded in 2006, 23andMe is recognized for its health and autosomal DNA testing. It is one of the three major American laboratories with AncestryDNA and MyHeritage DNA. Is this laboratory reliable ? And what about the test reports provided and the reliability of the results ? To answer that, we took a DNA test at 23andMe !

Following the various tests we’ve carried out, you’ll find a detailed review of our experience at 23andMe.

You can also find out about other genetic laboratories with our different opinions on DNA testing.

  • Delivery throughout Europe
  • Excellent customer service
  • Genealogical laboratory with scientific certifications
  • Most complete DNA health result
  • Good value for money with the DNA health test
  • Lack of mitochondrial and Y-DNA testing

23andme DNA test : sample and result


A CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment) certified laboratory, 23andMe offers reliable genetic testing quality.

In addition to its health DNA test, the laboratory offers an autosomal DNA test allowing everyone to discover their origins.

Yes, 23andMe gives you the opportunity to go back in the footsteps of your ancestors. To do this, the autosomal DNA test gives you information about your distant origins (haplogroup) as well as the relationships you may have to individuals around the world with DNA matches.

To write this review of 23andMe, our genealogists have performed the two DNA tests: the health test and the autosomal test.



With the analysis of more than 2000 geographical regions, the ancestry+traits DNA test provides a complete report on :

  • Your percentage of ethnicity;
  • The origin of your ancestors (haplogroup);
  • The timeline of your ancestors;
  • Your percentage of Neanderthal DNA;
  • The impact of your DNA on your traits;
  • The kinship ties you hold across the world;
  • We appreciated the integration of the trait report and the timeline provided to track the movements of our ancestors. We had not yet received a report with such results.


Sampling shall be carried out using the oral sampling method. Simply insert a cotton swab into your mouthpiece and rub it well against your cheeks for 2 to 5 minutes.

In addition, the 23andMe DNA Kits come with a tube and a user manual that makes it easy to perform the DNA test from the comfort of your own home. No blood or needles are required for DNA sampling.




The results of your sequencing are shared with you in the form of raw data to download (this is a zip file of a few MB).

The report provides you with a certificate of result including :

  • a map with your ethnicity percentage
  • a timeline of your ancestors’ origins
  • your haplogroups
  • your family ties
  • the traits you inherited from your Neanderthal origins…

Concerning the report we received, the laboratory gave us detailed results divided into 6 parts:

  • Our ancestral composition
  • Our maternal haplogroup
  • Our paternal haplogroup
  • Timeline of our DNA
  • Information about our Neanderthal ancestors
  • Our DNA matches

As with AncestryDNA and EasyDNA, 23andMe detected a percentage of Southeast Asian (23.1%) and Native American (1.3%) origins.


Our analysis reports were sent to us within 2 to 3 weeks, as promised by 23andMe on its website.

Advantages of the autosomal dna kit 23andMe
  • Complete autosomal DNA kit
  • DNA test can be performed in less than 10 minutes
  • Reports of results incorporating ethnic data not found among other competitors

23andme Health DNA Test


Based on the same principle as MyHeritage, 23andMe offers a health DNA test coupled with its autosomal test.

With over 50 detailed reports on your wellbeing, hereditary gene carrier status and health, 23andMe helps you learn more about how your DNA influences your health.



With the 23andMe Health DNA Test, you are given a report on your hereditary predispositions.

In fact, 23andME provides a health report that analyzes more than a dozen hereditary diseases and gives you the information you need to know whether or not you are at risk.

See diseases analyzed
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Late onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Alpha-1 antitrypsin enzyme deficiency
  • Late onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • BRCA Mutations 1 & 2
  • Celiac Disease
  • Family cholesterol
  • G6PD deficiency (Favism)
  • Hereditary transthyretinal amyloidosis
  • Primary hemochromatosis
  • Hereditary thrombophilia
  • Polyposis associated with MUTYH
  • By focusing on elements related to your lifestyle and comparing them to a typical “average” profile, the wellness report gives you information on the effects that your lifestyle can have on your health.


    The wellness analysis offers you a report on 8 parameters:

    • your reaction to alcohol
    • your level of caffeine consumption
    • your genetic propensity to gain weight
    • your level of lactose intolerance
    • your level of saturated fat based on your weight
    • the composition of your muscles
    • the quality of your sleep
    • the importance of your sleep


    With the 23andMe Health DNA Test, the laboratory provides you with a detailed report including data related to your health, but also data related to the autosomal test. Among the latter, the trait report informs you about the influence your DNA has had on your physical characteristics.

    If you have young children or are interested in having them, this analysis informs you about the physical traits you may have inherited.

    • Eye colour
    • Hair Color
    • Length of members
    • Sensitivity to certain tastes


    For this report and to better understand it, it is important to focus on the dominant and recessive genes related to hereditary diseases and specific to your genetic makeup.

    Dominant genes are those that directly impact your health and appearance.
    Recessive genes are less important but can directly affect your child.
    If you and your wife have the same inherited genetic predisposition to recessive genes, they can become dominant over your (future) child.

    The Carrier Status Report gives you accurate information about more than 40 hereditary genes that can be passed from parent to child. The analyses help you to prevent your child from developing a genetic disease.

    Advantages of the health dna kit 23andMe
    • Most comprehensive health report
    • Access to reports not available from other competitors
    • Includes autosomal test data
    • Advantageous price/performance ratio

    How much does a DNA test at 23andMe cost ?


    The rates offered by 23andMe are in line with those of the majority of competitors.

    However, with its comprehensive analysis reports, the laboratory offers an attractive price/quality ratio.

    • Autosomal DNA test: 99$ or nearly 80€.
    • Health + autosomal DNA test: $199 or nearly 176€.
    • 2 Health DNA Test + autosomal: 499$ or 442 €.

    In addition, 23andMe has a family offer giving you a 20% discount on the purchase of 2 Ancestry DNA + traits kits or 2 Ancestry + health kits.

    The laboratory’s commitments

    Whether by phone or email, 23andMe provides its users with professional customer service to answer your questions.

    To enhance your experience, you can get the 23andMe application to log into your account and track your results.


    Moreover, you can exchange with other users, there is a forum for the 23andMe community where you can get information and documents such as tutorials or data.

    Editorial review on 23andMe

    If you want to do a DNA health test, 23andMe is the lab to turn to.

    By providing complete and reliable test results, 23andMe has proven to be a professional laboratory with simple to perform kits.

    23andMe has established itself as a trusted and certified genetic laboratory providing detailed and intuitive analysis.



    By obtaining regulatory approval from the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) in 2017, 23andMe became the first laboratory to obtain official authorisation to market its health tests.

    This certification allows it to assert itself as a specialist laboratory for this type of DNA test by promoting detailed analysis reports with 99.99% reliability.


    23andMe offers its users the opportunity to contribute to genetic research around the world.

    To do so, simply complete an online questionnaire that allows you to contribute to new scientific discoveries and help science make new discoveries.

    However, it is necessary to complete the test to take part in this project.

    23andme, Ancestry DNA or Myheritage DNA : Which DNA tests to choose?


    AncestryDNA, Myheritage and 23andMe are the 3 pillars of genealogical research in the United States and around the world. And each laboratory has its own specificities.

    Ancestry DNA has the largest historical database in the world. So it’s the lab of choice if you want to develop your family tree.

    Myheritage DNA has an excellent reputation for comprehensive autosomal testing. Unlike 23andMe, this laboratory favours DNA swabbing of the cheeks.

    23andMe is the laboratory to choose if you want to carry out a complete test including the origin of your ancestors, your traits and a fully detailed certified health report.