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Our view

Specializing in genetics, Nebula Genomics offers affordable DNA sequencing with confidentiality enhanced by blockchain technology. The laboratory sequences the entire genome 30 to 100 times to guarantee near 100 % reliability. Nebula Genomics’ DNA test kits provide you with detailed reports on your family and your health. This is useful to help you personalize your diet and physical activities. The laboratory gives you total control over your genetic information. What’s more, you can even earn money if it’s used in genetic research. However, if you want more accurate results, we recommend that you opt for a DNA test from MyHeritage.

Genomic sequencing makes it possible to understand a person’s origins and genetic make-up. Nebula Genomics, a major player in this field, promises revolutionary discoveries about your genetic code. But what do its users really think? Is it a reliable laboratory? We’ve tested the origins DNA kits offered by Nebula Genomics and give you our honest opinion.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nebula Genomics

  • Integral analysis of the génome
  • Precise and scientifically relevant results (verified up to 100 times)
  • Confidentiality and protection of data stored on the blockchain
  • Testing provides a detailed ancestry report
  • Analysis of the oral microbiome for health
  • Full fitness report
  • The laboratory has a large library with weekly scientific updates
  • Providing detailed genomic exploration
  • Need a paid subscription for continuous access to results
  • Results can be complex to understand
  • 8-week, 14-week timeframe for results
  • Customer service sometimes not very responsive
  • Results available only in English
  • Lack of geographic search tools
  • Limited support for users
  • Impossibility of creating a complete généalogical tree

Nebula Genomics: overview

🗓️ Year established2007
🧬Type of DNA tests offeredAutosomal DNA testing
Oral microbiome testing
Health DNA testing
🌏  Geographic coverage2,000 + regions
🧪 Sampling typeSaliva
📈 Results reportsOrigins ethnic
Ascendance reports
Gene mutation reports
Physical characteristics and personality traits
Detailed health reports
💾Base database2 million
🔍 Search tools
🔬 Reliability and accuracy100 %
⏳Processing timeAbout 2 weeks
📞 Customer
💵  Costkit Standard: 93.56 euros
kit Deep: 233 euros
kit Ultra Deep 941 euros
🗂 Data compatibility
💪 HighlightsDecodes 100 % genome
Utilizes genetic information to extend your life
Genetic testing performed anonymously
Utilizes homomorphic encryption
Examines 4 x, 30 x and 100 times the genome

The essentials about Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics was founded in 2018 by Dr. George Church of Harvard Medical School. A pioneer in genomic sequencing since 1984, he places Nebula at the forefront of personal genomics. The laboratory stands out for its ability to sequence the entire genome to enable complete DNA reading.

Combining expertise and blockchain technology, Nebula aims to make genomic analysis accessible. To achieve this, it has a important database benefiting individuals and the scientific world while guaranteeing the confidentiality of information.

Who should take a Nebula Genomics DNA test?

Nebula Genomics is suitable for anyone who wants to explore their genetic heritage. Whether you’re a health enthusiast, a genealogy buff or simply curious about your genetics, Nebula has you covered. Researchers and healthcare professionals will also find valuable data. The company guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of information, making Nebula a reliable option in genetics.

The different Origins DNA tests on offer

Nebula Genomics offers three different tests, each delivering unique analyses and data.

Nebula Genomics StandardNebula Genomics DeepNebula Genomics Ultra-deep
Complete genome sequencingNoYes  Yes
Quantity of genetic data collected2 GB100 GB300 GB
Ascendancy reportsAutosomalMitochondria and Y chromosomeMitochondria and the Y chromosome
PrecisionAverage (0, 4 x)High (30 x)Very high (100 x)
Genome exploration toolsYesYes
Analysis of common genetic mutationsYes  Yes Yes 
Study of rare genetic mutationsYesYes  Yes 
Oral microbiome test  Yes Yes Yes 

Nebula Genomics standard


The Nebula Genomics Standard DNA test kit uses your DNA to explore your genetic makeup. This test also studies your predisposition to certain diseases as well as other hereditary traits.

For this test, Nebula performs the check four times in order to achieve sequencing accuracy. With the standard Nebula Genomics test, you’ll discover information about your genes and the microbiome linked to your genes.

Nebula Genomics Deep


The Deep DNA kit from Nebula Genomics offers deep genomic sequencing, surpassing the standard kit. It’s designed for those who want a more detailed understanding of their genome. This test analyzes your DNA in its entirety to detect haplogroups linked to rare mutations.

Nebula Genomics reveals detailed information about your ancestry, through the study of mitochondrial and chromosomal DNA. You discover the traits inherited from your ancestors. The laboratory performs 30 sequencings to ensure accurate results.

Nebula Genomics Ultra deep


The Ultra Deep DNA test is Nebula Genomics’ most comprehensive offering. It offers ultra-deep genome sequencing, studying 20,000 genes, including rare mutations. Data is analyzed 100 times to ensure high accuracy.

This test is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive analysis of their DNA. The Ultra Deep DNA test gives you access to raw data, genomic exploration tools and a report on your oral microbiome.

The DNA testing process at Nebula Genomics

Register on the lab website and order kit

On the official laboratory website, start by creating your user account by entering your personal information. Once the account has been created, you can then choose your DNA test. The chosen kit will be shipped to your home for sampling.

On receipt, take note of the serial numbers on the sample vials, as these will be required for registration. You’ll also need to answer a few questions about your medical history and current situation.

Taking the sample for analysis and sending it to the laboratory

The Nebula Genomics DNA test kit is designed for quick and easy use at home. Inside, you’ll find a cheek swab to collect your saliva, an airtight bottle to hold your sample. You’ll also find a plastic bag to secure the bottle. The kit also includes a detailed instruction manual and a postage-paid envelope if you live in the U.S. 

Follow the steps below to make the withdrawal.

  1. Wait one hour after eating or drinking 
  2. Rub the inside of your cheek with the swab for 60 seconds.
  3. Immerse the end of the swab in the airtight vial.
  4. Break the swab at the black line.
  5. Seal the bottle in the plastic bag provided
  6. Place the bag in the envelope and send it off.

Receipt of analysis results

Following the dispatch of your saliva samples to Nebula Genomics, DNA results will reach you in 8 to 14 weeks. This delay is due to their collaboration with BGI Group, a Chinese company responsible for sequencing your DNA. As soon as the analysis is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail notifying you of the availability of your results. To view and download your raw DNA data, log in to your Nebula account. However, make sure you have previously registered your kit to obtain this information.

Downloading information 

Nebula Genomics gives you full access to your genomic data. Once analysis is complete, you can download your full information directly from your account. Your genetic data is stored in five files from which you can choose: 

  • CRAM (a compressed BAM file containing your reconstructed genome)
  • CRAI (CRAM file indexing information)
  • FASTQ (two text files containing your raw sequencing data)
  • VCF (a text file with a list of your genetic variants)
  • TBI (indexing information for your VCF file)

This feature is particularly useful if you want to save or share your data with professionals and other genomic platforms. However, you’ll need a premium subscription to access more detailed analysis. 

The information obtained

 Nebula Genomics’ DNA test can provide you with a wealth of information about your genome.

Descent data


The Nebula Genomics DNA test offers a detailed insight into your ancestry by revealing your ethnic and geographic origins. You’ll be able to trace your family’s history and understand the migrations that shaped your ancestors’ story. The report details the traits inherited from your ancestors.

This report covers aspects such as appearance, hair thickness, testosterone as well as freckles. This test compares your DNA to the huge database (YFull) to find matches and put you in touch with close or distant relatives. 

Health information and hereditary diseases

The test provides valuable information about your health, including genetic predispositions to certain hereditary diseases. Thanks to this test, you’ll know your sensitivity to alcohol, your reaction to caffeine, nicotine and pain.

On a physical level, it also provides information on susceptibility to certain illnesses, such as visual or sleep disorders, and skin sensitivity. This data can help you make informed decisions about your health and anticipate potential risks.

A report on dietary predispositions

Nebula Genomics offers insight into your genetic dietary predispositions. This covers intolerances, sensitivities and taste preferences. This information can guide your food choices for optimal health. For example, it may reveal lactose intolerance, a sweet tooth, or specific needs for vitamins B12, C and D.

A report on the microbiome

Nebula analyzes and provides comprehensive data on your oral microbiome. This examination detects bacteria that can cause dental concerns such as cavities. Studies show that these bacteria, present in the mouth, can affect other parts of the body. As a result, the test investigates your pre-disposition to serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes or irritable bowel disease.

Special features at Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics stands out from other laboratories thanks to its special features.

Multiple whole-genome sequencing 

Nebula Genomics examines your genome 4 x, 30 x and 100 times in order to obtain detailed and accurate results. The laboratory uses Illumina technology to analyze saliva and reveal your origins and diverse ancestry. In-depth analysis of Y chromosomes and mitochondrial chromosomes is performed for accurate results.  

The Nebula library

Nebula Genomics has a research library featuring several genetic reports updated weekly. These reports detail genetic characteristics, ranging from ancestry to medical predispositions. Each report contains a summary of the study, a description of the trait studied, and information on associated genetic variants.

You can view your predisposition to a given trait based on a percentile score compared with that of other users. The platform facilitates navigation with filtering and favorites options, allowing users to explore their genetic heritage in depth.

Reliability and accuracy of results

Nebula Genomics is renowned for the accuracy and reliability of its DNA tests. Using advanced technologies and strict analysis methods, the company ensures authentic results. These results reflect each person’s genetic heritage.

The sequencing technology used

Nebula Genomics ensures the accuracy of these tests by using state-of-the-art technology. Indeed, the laboratory makes use of new generation sequencing (NGS) technology. This technology fully analyzes your genome from saliva and cheek cell samples in a single day.

Nebula Genomics also uses the latest version of the Human Genome Project (hg38) to ensure data accuracy. This method examines both coding and non-coding regions, guaranteeing detailed results on ancestry and health. The collaboration with BGI Group makes these analyses both affordable and comprehensive.

Data confidentiality and security

Nebula Genomics prioritizes data protection of your data. The company implements rigorous security measures, including blockchain technology. This ensures confidentiality and prevents unauthorized access.

This technology saves consent settings and access history, offering increased transparency. Of course, you have the option of sharing certain information via social networks or Nebula surveys.

But the company undertakes never to divulge data to third parties without explicit consent. The iinformation used for statistical purposes is always anonymized and aggregated, ensuring maximum discretion.

DNA testing prices at Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics stands out for the quality and depth of its DNA tests, but also for their cost. Compared with other companies, Nebula Genomics charges higher prices. The Standard kit is priced at 93.56 euros ($99), while theDeep kit comes in at 233 euros ($249).

For those seeking even more in-depth analysis, the Ultra Deep kit is available at 941 euros ($899). These prices reflect the precision and wealth of information provided. However, you need a monthly subscription to access the latest scientific research related to your genome.

Payment methods and refund policy

Nebula Genomics offers several payment methods.

You can pay for your order by: 

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • AMEX
  • MasterCard,
  • Visa
  • Discover

Nebula Genomics has a strict refund policy. After your order has been shipped and confirmed, refunds are excluded. If you do not receive your kit, another will be sent to you. Also, samples not returned within 6 months are not analyzed, with no refund option.

Fees due to late cancellation of the Nebula Explore subscription are not chargeable to Nebula. In addition, subscription fees associated with 4 x sequencing are annual and are refundable under specific conditions.

Our verdict on Nebula Genomics

We think Nebula Genomics is a solid option for those seeking in-depth genetic analysis in complete confidentiality. Unlike its competitors, the company uses advanced technologies to perform full genomic sequencing in one day. We like the lab’s policy of checking data up to 100 times to ensure accuracy.

The laboratory stands out for its pedigree analyses, oral health assessments and fitness check-ups. Extraordinary measures such as blockchain technology are deployed to protect user confidentiality. However, we find the 14-week timeframe for results long.

Moreover, the need for a paid subscription for ongoing access can put many users off. The lack of genealogical research tools and the complexity of some reports are areas for improvement.

User feedback on Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics has received a variety of reviews from its users. On the Trustpilot platform, for example, some customers praise the accuracy and depth of the analyses provided. One user highlighted Nebula Genomics’ ability to offer in-depth detail. He also appreciates the lab’s ability to compare his DNA with health studies.

Some negative points were also raised, such as the long lead time. Although Nebula offers a depth of genetic information, some users would like more genealogical information. Nebula Genomics offers detailed DNA results, enabling you to explore your genetic heritage in depth and discover precise information about your health, traits and ancestry.

However, if you’re looking for more comprehensive results and want to obtain this information in a relatively short time, MyHeritage DNA proves to be the better option.

Differences from other genealogy labs

Nebula Genomics vs Quick DNA

Nebula Genomics and Quick DNA are two major players in the DNA testing field. Nebula Genomics stands out for its in-depth approach to genomic sequencing. It offers comprehensive genome analysis, with an emphasis on confidentiality thanks to blockchain technology. 

Nebula enables users to compare their DNA with recent scientific studies, offering valuable health data. 

As for Quick DNA, as its name suggests, is renowned for delivering results quickly. Their process is streamlined, which can be ideal for those looking for quick answers. Quick DNA also offers DNA testing for pets such as dogs and cats.

In terms of cost, Nebula Genomics is more expensive, but justifies this by the quality of its reports. The choice between Nebula Genomics and Quick DNA will depend on your priorities: depth of analysis or speed of results.

Nebula Genomics vs EasyDNA

Nebula Genomics and EasyDNA are also two companies specializing in DNA testing, but they have distinct approaches. Nebula Genomics is renowned for its comprehensive and accurate genomic sequencing. EasyDNA is popular for its simplicity and speed. They offer a diverse range of tests, from paternity to nutrition. Their process is designed to be accessible, which attracts a wide customer base. However, this simplicity may mean less detail in the reports.

 Nebula Genomics vs 23andme

23andMe, the US leader in genetic testing, offers two versions: ancestry and 23andMe Health for genetic predispositions. The latter version analyzes various characteristics such as ancestry, physical traits and pharmacogenetics. Unlike Nebula Genomics, 23andMe is the only home test approved by the FDA and can be ordered without medical advice.

It highlights crucial information, such as the presence of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, linked to certain cancers. 23andMe offers a family tree tool, but Nebula Genomics stands out for its complete genomic sequencing.

Nebula Genomics vs LinvingDNA

Living DNA and Nebula Genomics are two leaders in DNA testing. LivingDNA offers competitive ancestry and wellness tests, complemented by tools such as a family tree generator. However, its results may seem simple compared to Nebula Genomics. 

The latter stands out for its comprehensive genomic sequencing, guaranteeing accuracy and in-depth analysis. While LivingDNA focuses on global ancestry, Nebula Genomics broadens its scope to genetic health, offering a more comprehensive perspective.

By the way, how did we rate Nebula Genomics?

To evaluate Nebula Genomics, we took a methodical and comprehensive approach. First, we looked at test pricing. By comparing Nebula’s pricing with other laboratories, we assessed the value for money of their services.

Then we personally tested their kits to analyze the accuracy and relevance of the results obtained. This step enabled us to understand the depth and clarity of the information provided. Finally, to get the full picture, we consulted user reviews on various platforms. This feedback offered us a real perspective on customer satisfaction and possible areas for improvement.