Ancestry DNA review : A kit for exploring your ancestral roots

Ancestry Review
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Ancestry - Review

With the world’s largest genealogy database at its disposal, Ancestry, the leader in DNA testing, lets you both perform reliable autosomal DNA testing and create your family tree with accessible and exclusive genealogy records available online.

Although there are many videos about Ancestry DNA, we recommend the MyHeritage DNA kit. Yes, MyHeritage is the best DNA test! It has excellent customer reviews and gives good results for learning more about your ancestors’ ethnic and geographic origins. It allows you to create your family tree online.

  • Largest archival database in the world
  • Good value for money
  • Ability to create a detailed family tree
  • Responsive and professional customer service
  • Genealogical results are easy to understand
  • Waiting time for results a bit long
  • No Y-DNA or Mitochondrial DNA test.

Ancestry DNA is a leading North American laboratory for genealogical research and autosomal DNA testing. With the largest genealogy database available online, Ancestry DNA offers services for everyone. After testing all the DNA tests offered by AncestryDNA, we’ll provide you with feedback and details on the services of the U.S. lab.

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Ancestry DNA: the essentials

🌐 Website
🗓️ Year of creation2012
🧬Type of testAutosomal DNA test
🌏 Geographic coverage+ 2,000 regions
🧪 Type of sampleCotton-buccal swab
📈 Reports of resultsDetailed reports on ethnic origins
DNA matches
Physical characteristics
Report on health
💾 Database24 billion
🔍 Search tools
🔬 Reliability and accuracy99, 99%
⏳Processing time3 to 5 working days
📞 Customer supportLive chat on site
💵  PriceAutosomal test kit: $99
Ancestry Health: $149
🗂 Data compatibility
💪 HighlightsBuild a family tree
European and American genetic data
Mobile app to view results

DNA test, sample, and result


In order to deliver reliable, hard-working results, AncestryDNA offers two distinct tests

  • The Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Test
  • The Ancestry DNA Health Test

DNA testing is the most reliable way to find out more about your family’s origins and your true ethnicity. It is also an excellent solution if you want to discover new family ties that will allow you to get in touch with distant cousins.


Thanks to a large database and state-of-the-art technology, the autosomal DNA test allows you to find out more about your origins, your ancestors, and your relationship to distant cousins.

Whether you are male or female, you can perform the autosomal test to learn more about your origins, history, and ancestry.

At Ancestry DNA your sample is thoroughly analyzed and correlated with a database of over 24 billion records.


The autosomal Ancestry DNA test is performed using saliva, which is referred to as a buccal sample.

On our side, Ancestry DNA tests have shown great similarities with tests performed by other competitors (MyHeritage, FamilyTree DNA…). Whether it’s a cheek swab or a buccal swab, these two methods, combined with advanced analysis using state-of-the-art technology, give you access to results that are 99% to 100% reliable.



After the analysis of our DNA, the American laboratory gave us a detailed certificate of result. On it, we found:

  • Our ethnicity percentage
  • The history of our peoples of origin
  • The kinship ties we have with certain individuals in the world

When purchasing your test, you can, for an additional $20, opt for the “report on your strokes” option. Ancestry DNA will provide you with an additional report on how your DNA may have affected nearly 25 physiological traits.

It was with great surprise that we found similar origins to those we found with Family Tree DNA. One of our testers was between 5-10% Russian and about 5% American Indian.

After sending our DNA kit, the result report was sent to us 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of the kit at the laboratory.

Benefits of the Ancestry DNA Kit
  • Intuitive map with detailed information
  • Information about your origins
  • More complete relationship links thanks to its database
  • Access to more than 80 ethnic backgrounds
  • Information on the influence of your DNA on your physical traits

Ancestry Family Tree Building Software


One of Ancestry DNA’s greatest assets is the ability to build a family tree with access to its database.

By sharing the information you want with Ancestry DNA, you’ll have access to all the records held by the lab.

With more than 100 million individuals who have created family trees, Ancestry DNA gives you access to a wealth of information.
This includes more than 330 million photos, scans and records to help you create your own family tree.

To help you set up your family tree, Ancestry DNA provides you with a set of pre-defined templates to assist you.

One of the benefits of the Ancestry DNA Family Tree is the ability to import your GEDCOM file. This file allows you to transfer all of your family tree data from one platform to another, so you can complete your family tree from start to finish.



At Ancestry DNA, your genealogical research begins with the interactive map you’ll find.

This map gives you access to different collections of documents (references, births, marriages, deaths…).


For our teams, this tool made it possible to complete the research of those who wanted to make a family tree with precision. By entering your first and last name, address (region, country or city) and date of birth, Ancestry DNA sorts through your family tree and provides you with a list of next of kin and documents that will help you make the most of your family tree.

Benefits of Creating a Family Tree at Ancestry
  • Access to the world’s largest historical database
  • Family Tree Templates
  • Possibility to add a GEDCOM file
  • Interactive map to facilitate your research

Ancestry : Prices

Unlike other competitors who make it harder for you with different kits and additional options, Ancestry DNA offers 2 packages with 2 fixed prices.

  • Ancestry DNA Autosomal Test Kit: $99 (almost $88) + $20 for the trait report option
  • AncestryHealth Autosomal Test Kit: $149

On the genealogy side, access to the data is completely free of charge. 20 billion records from more than 80 countries.

AncestryDNA’s Commitments

As a testament to true quality service, if your package is lost or stolen, AncestryDNA will send you a kit back at no charge. We’ve had no inconvenience delivering our package, and it arrived on time at the designated mailing address.

Also, in order to make it easier for you to access their platform, the US lab provides a mobile application that’s very easy to use.

ancestry review mobile app

The AncestryDNA application was a great way to make it easier for some genealogists who didn’t have access to their computers to read their results.

With one of the most active communities, AncestryDNA has a forum where you can find many topics, questions and tips to help you with your research.

Editorial review on Ancestry

Ancestry has proven to us that it’s a laboratory that combines two major and indispensable assets: reliability and professionalism.

With Ancestry’s DNA testing, our teams greatly appreciated the results report that included an interactive map and more detailed information about origin and ethnicity than other competitors.

Unlike the MyHeritage test, the Ancestry test allowed us to get a more in-depth look at some of our Native American backgrounds.

AncestryDNA is particularly good at looking at family history. With the world’s most comprehensive database, the lab is the gold standard for creating and finding information about your family tree.


Ancestry DNA was founded in 1983 and initially specialized in the publication of genealogy magazines and books. Ancestry DNA has invested in new technology and will begin offering its DNA testing in 2012.

In order to provide the most reliable scientific results possible, Ancestry offers autosomal DNA microarray tests that analyze your entire genome – more than 700,000 gene locations. In fact, Ancestry makes it possible to analyze your DNA by matching it with population data from over 1,000 geographic areas.

Today, Ancestry is a laboratory with hundreds of experts around the world. Operating in more than 34 countries, the U.S. market leader has helped more than 16 million people take a DNA test to discover their ancestral origins.

Detailed genealogical records available online

With Ancestry DNA you can communicate your research results directly to your family tree while having free access to thousands of detailed records from over 1,000 regions around the world.

That’s important if you’re looking to add real detail to your family tree.


A voluntary project developed by AncestryDNA, the World Archives Project (WAP) is a genealogy project involving volunteers with the goal of creating an index of digitized genealogical records from around the world that is accessible to all.

Much more than a simple autosomal DNA test, we enjoyed discovering this project and being able to participate in it ourselves to advance science and help all genealogists.

Ancestry or Myheritage: Which DNA tests to choose?

Ancestry with the world’s largest historical database, offers genealogical records you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, Ancestry provides templates to help you create your tree.

MyHeritage lab, on the other hand, has a less comprehensive database than AncestryDNA. However, after performing DNA testing with both labs, the MyHeritage analysis report is more complete and delivered more quickly (3-4 weeks) than Ancestry’s.