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Myheritage - Review

MyHeritage is the laboratory of choice for autosomal DNA testing. With more than 78 million users, the laboratory has a large database for discovering DNA matches. By performing a DNA test at Myheritage, you have the opportunity to discover your ethnic origins, build a family tree and contact your distant relatives. Myheritage has established itself as a professional and reliable laboratory.

The Myheritage laboratory has the wind in its sails and is seducing more and more people all over the world to carry out a DNA test directly at home! What are its services? What are the advantages of the offers? DNA-Story gives you its review and that of its genealogists to help you choose your DNA test. To do this, we have screened the services offered by the laboratory: the autosomal DNA test, the health DNA test, the software to build a family tree and the MyHeritage mobile application. 

  • Offers an autosomal DNA kit and a health DNA kit
  • Access to billions of genealogical records
  • Family tree software available for free
  • Excellent value for money
  • Available and professional customer support
  • A secure platform
  • No mitochondrial or Y chromosome tests

MyHeritage presentation

Developed in 2016, the MyHeritage laboratory quickly became a must in the DNA testing market. With more than 430 employees worldwide, the Israeli company allows you to explore your family history while gaining access to valuable information about your health.

As proof of its notoriety, the laboratory has already enabled hundreds of millions of users to carry out a DNA test to trace its origins. In response to international demand, the platform is available in nearly 40 languages.

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Autosomal DNA test


Autosomal DNA testing refers to the genetic test that analyzes the genes passed on by the father and mother. This type of test makes it possible to estimate the ethnic composition of an individual.

There are 3 types of tests:

  • The mitochondrial test: It makes it possible to analyse and trace the maternal lineage. Both men and women can perform this type of test.
  • The Y chromosome test: Only for men, the analysis of the Y chromosome makes it possible to trace the paternal lineage.
  • The autosomal test: This test is the most common of the three and, in addition to identifying genetic cousins who share the same DNA segments, it can also be used to trace ethnic origins.

MyHeritage offers the autosomal test with its autosomal DNA test kit. It allows you to find out more about your genealogy and relationships. Thanks to this test sent in the form of a kit, Myheritage reveals your genetic heritage by sharing the ethnic groups and regions of your origins with you.

Easy to use, this kit contains :

  • 2 vials;
  • 2 swabs;
  • 1 plastic bag;
  • 1 instruction manual;
  • 1 return envelope;
  • 1 activation card;



In order to offer complete results, MyHeritage has a large collection of ethnic groups: Indeed, with 42 ethnic groups at its disposal, the laboratory allows you to learn more about your paternal and maternal ancestors.

To identify unique founding populations, MyHeritage has set up the “Founding Populations” project. This project involving more than 5,000 participants worldwide has allowed the laboratory to identify unique founder populations.


Recently, the laboratory has integrated a new module to its platform: The ethnic origins map. This interactive map offers an overview of the most common ethnic origins according to the selected country. Thanks to a very large database, MyHeritage is the only laboratory with the capacity to offer this tool.



With the MyHeritage DNA test, the laboratory provides you with a report on your DNA matches. This unique technology tells you the percentage of DNA you share with others in the Israeli group’s database. It is in part because of its Founding Populations project that MyHeritage is able to provide you with this data.

This tool allows you to obtain detailed information about your DNA matches:

  • Your Relationship: MyHeritage shares a pattern of your DNA matches with you. It shows the degree of kinship you share with them (Close Family, Extended Family, Distant Relatives, etc.).
  • Location: A map allows you to learn more about the location of your kinship links.
  • Ethnic origin: A table detailing the ethnic origin of each of your matches is included in the analysis report.


The MyHeritage autosomal test can be performed in less than 2 minutes and is simple to perform. Its process is as follows:

  • Rub the swab inside your cheeks for 10 seconds;
  • Open the bottle;
  • Place the swab into the bottle;
  • Repeat with the second swab;
  • Place the samples in the plastic bag;
  • Insert the plastic bag. Send your envelope;

The results of the analysis are communicated 3 to 4 weeks after receipt of the sample at the laboratory. The results are communicated to you directly online, on your personal space.

MyHeritage provides a video tutorial to help you carry out your DNA tests. A plus from the laboratory, which is the only one to offer visual content detailing the process of its autosomal DNA test.

Advantages of the Myheritage autosomal DNA kit
  • Easy to do ;
  • Access to unique ethnic populations;
  • Detailed information on kinship ties;
  • Results presented with interactive video;

Building a family tree : MyHeritage Family Tree Builder


MyHeritage offers a new and free service in addition to its DNA test. Because your family history begins with your family tree, MyHeritage offers you the opportunity to create your own.

The lab allows its users to create a family tree that MyHeritage will complete for you. To do this, the company draws from the billions of records in its database.


GEDCOM, acronym for “Genealogical Data Communication” is a file dedicated to the exchange of genealogical data between different genealogy software” – MyHeritage

In other words, the GEDCOM file is a coded text file containing your family tree.

In order to feed your structure, MyHeritage offers you the possibility to import your GEDCOM data directly into the process of creating your family tree.

It is possible to transfer the GEDCOM from one genealogy software to another. The vast majority of genealogy programs and websites accept the GEDCOM format. It is therefore entirely possible to use your GEDCOM on different platforms in order to find additional data.



MyHeritage’s free family tree builder allows you to search billions of records from its database: birth records, death notices, census records and many other genealogical resources are available to help you learn more about your family.

Advantages of Myheritage Family Tree Builder
  • Free and complete software ;
  • Access to billions of genealogical records;
  • Ability to import a GEDCOM file;
  • Mobile application available;
  • Support from the MyHeritage team;

The MyHeritage application


With the MyHeritage mobile application, you can build your family tree and do the necessary research directly from your smartphone.

Thanks to various sophisticated tools, MyHeritage is able to help you directly from your phone.

  • Smart Matches: Drawing from its database of more than 1.5 billion profiles, MyHeritage compares family trees and identifies your family relationships.
  • Record Matches: By instantly comparing thousands of records from around the world, MyHeritage provides you with data that can help you further your research.
  • SuperSearch: MyHeritage has created a search engine that makes it easy to find individuals in its database.

To give you access to all of these tools, MyHeritage offers 3 subscription packages.

  • MyHeritage Premium at $99.99 ;
  • MyHeritage Data for $129.99;
  • MyHeritage PremiumPlus for $139.99;
  • Full MyHeritage at $199.99;

Prices vary depending on your location.

How much does a DNA kit cost at MyHeritage?

MyHeritage offers two kits. One is the autosomal DNA kit that will give you access to your ethnic origins and kinship ties. The Health DNA kit, which in addition to providing you with the autosomal test analysis, provides you with a complete health report.

The Myheritage prices :

  • Autosomal DNA kit: 89€ excluding shipping costs;

The purchase of the DNA kit does not include the shipping cost of 11$ nor the purchase of the international stamp worth 2$.

Editorial review on MyHeritage DNA LTD

MyHeritage is one of the only companies to offer a complementary function to its DNA tests: the elaboration, free of charge, of a family tree.

Today, this laboratory has a worldwide reputation and is one of the leaders in its market.

The tests offered by MyHeritage are among the most accessible on the market. Easy to carry out and thanks to a step-by-step accompaniment, the laboratory has already enabled millions of users to carry out tests, proof of its quality.

Our return : Myheritage now deserves its success. And our opinion on the Myheritage laboratory is positive. An experienced team offering DNA tests with reliable and detailed results. With an enriched database and free software to build your own family tree, Myheritage is an ideal choice. Indeed, for those who wish to start genealogical research on ethnicity and DNA matches, Myheritage is an excellent opportunity ! We can only invite you to order a DNA test with this laboratory.


One of MyHeritage’s main assets: Its teams.

By using the highest technological standards to provide you with reliable results, Myheritage’s teams of genealogists will assist you in your efforts and in the analysis of your reports.


To ensure professional and responsive support for its users, MyHeritage provides a customer service department composed of experts ready to answer the slightest doubts on a wide range of media.

Indeed, in case of problems or if you need help, it is possible to contact the after-sales service:

  • From the mobile application ;
  • By mail, on the MyHeritage website;
  • By phone at 0 805 08 00 98 ;


MyHeritage deploys technical, administrative and physical security measures to protect user data.

In order to ensure maximum security MyHeritage conducts intrusion tests on its system to verify the robustness of its programs.


With 4 billion profiles created and nearly 78 million users, MyHeritage has one of the best (if not the best) community dedicated to exchange and advice on the world of genealogy.

It is partly thanks to this community that, every day, dozens of individuals find distant cousins.

MyHeritage vs FamilyTree DNA

While FamilyTree DNA offers all 3 different types of DNA testing (mitochondrial, Y-chromosome and autosomal), MyHeritage DNA offers only the Autosomal DNA test.

This specialization on the part of the laboratory allows it to offer more reliable results about your ethnic background.

Concerning the database, both laboratories offer a very wide range of documents. It is quite possible to carry out searches within the database of both laboratories.

MyHeritage vs AncestryDNA

Ancestry DNA and MyHeritage offer only autosomal testing.

However, through its “Founding Populations” project, MyHeritage now has a broader base of ethnic backgrounds than Ancestry DNA. As a result, the experts are able to provide you with more reliable results.

While access to MyHeritage materials is free, access to Ancestry materials requires a paid subscription.

MyHeritage vs 23andme

Just like FamilyTree DNA, 23andMe offers all 3 types of testing. However, compared to MyHeritage, the results offered by 23andMe are much less complete0 on ethnic origins.

Unlike MyHeritage, 23andMe does not offer any access to its documents. It is therefore not possible to search for data that can help you better understand your family and family tree.