DNA test review

You are preparing to choose through our tests, a DNA test to discover your origins and your living relatives and thus entrust your DNA to a laboratory. It is therefore legitimate to wonder how we select the DNA kits and on which criteria our reviews are based.

Which DNA test to choose?

Top Laboratory Services Review Website
1 MyHeritage Logo Ancestry DNA test

DNA test for health and well-being

Family Tree Software
Best DNA test to discover your ethnic origins and it offers a complete software to make a family tree.

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2 EasyDNA Logo Ancestry DNA test

DNA test for health and well-being
Paternity test

Dog DNA Test
With the possibility to make your own DNA kit and send it, the ISO 17025 EasyDNA certification is the best laboratory to establish a paternity test and a dog DNA test.

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3 Igenea Logo Ancestry DNA Test
With its complete results in the world, Igenea allows you to go back to your prehistoric ancestors.

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4 Family Tree DNA Logo Ancestry DNA Test
With more than 20 years of experience, Family Tree DNA has an enriched database to discover its ancestry.

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5 Ancestry Logo Autosomal DNA Test

Health DNA Test

Family Tree Software
Ancestry has the world's largest database of genealogical records & available online! Ideal for creating a detailed family tree !

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6 23andme logo Autosomal DNA Test

Health DNA Test

23andMe specialises in DNA health testing with detailed reports.

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You will find below the opinions written by our team of genealogists on the laboratories offering autosomal, Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. All the DNA tests of the origins can be carried out at home.

Gaining pleasure in discovering one’s origins

Before discovering your origins, your maternal lineage, your paternal lineage or your haplogroup, or even before discovering how your genes affect your health, what kind of DNA kit you are going to get, you need to think about something basic: your personal pleasure.

Ask yourself the right questions to find out how you are going to get pleasure out of this genealogical experience and based on your answers, you will be able to determine the type of DNA kit and the results you want to discover.

Once you have completed this personal process, you are ready to compare DNA tests and thus discover your ancestors.


According to our selection criteria, it is quite normal that we screen laboratories offering reliable results through certificates of results. Indeed, the more detailed the results, the more reliable the scientific analysis.

All the DNA tests in our ranking offer at least a complete detail on your ethnic origins through the certificate of result. This includes the analysis of the geographical (Europe, Asia, America, Africa …) and ethnic (Balkan, Inuit, Amerindian, Ashkenazi Jew) areas studied.

This is a criterion that may seem conventional. However, it ensures quality on the part of the laboratories, because the more precise and varied the analysis on the different ethnic regions during the analysis of your DNA are, the more data it will have internally to cross your DNA with that of other individuals. This criterion demonstrates the professionalism of the laboratory to develop its analytical skills and scientific equipment in-house.


When you order a DNA test online, it’s to take it at home. In itself, there is no constraint to take a DNA test at home, you don’t need to go to a laboratory near you, make an appointment or pay attention to its schedules.

You need an internet connection! That’s enough! Do a DNA test from the comfort of your own home, it’s very simple in the 21st century.

Win times

In addition to the advantage of taking a DNA test from home, there is another benefit of taking a DNA test online: you save time! No need to travel, no appointment at the laboratory, no need to wait for the results to be received to take another DNA test, you can do several DNA tests at the same time via several laboratories! So you save time to build your family tree !

What are the reasons for taking a DNA test ?

How do you choose your DNA test? This is a question that must be asked if you want to have fun discovering your genetic heritage. Yes, the result will have an impact on the results you will obtain.

The characteristics that you must take into account when choosing your DNA test are related to the study of the X chromosome, Y chromosome or both. Also as mentioned above with the reliable results obtained.

Build a family tree

When you are about to make your choice, you will pay attention to the types of genealogical results obtained. It would indeed be a pity if you cannot make a complete family tree with your results. See in our comparison table if you can create a family tree with a software on the official website of the laboratory or if you can import and export your raw data file to use it on your own software.

In addition, making a family tree allows you to present it at a family reunion. You are sure to arouse curiosity and animate many debates by proposing a family tree! In particular, at a wedding, it allows you to introduce the members of the bride and the husband’s family to the whole family !


The choice of an mtDNA test allows one to discover one’s maternal lineage. Indeed, you are an adult and you may wish to discover your ancestry on your mother’s side because you were adopted or simply out of genealogical curiosity. In our opinions, we explain whether it is possible to have this type of test at the laboratory.


To discover his paternal lineage, it is necessary to establish a Y-DNA test. Be careful, only men can do this type of test. Therefore, if you are a woman and you wish to undertake this type of genealogical research, it is necessary to establish a DNA analysis of a male member of your family. In our tests, we tell you whether it is possible to do a Y-DNA test or a paternity test.


Doing a DNA health test can help you find out which hereditary diseases are likely to appear in your life. Laboratories offer DNA health tests that provide detailed reports on the compatibility of your genes with a disease. If you would like to obtain this type of result, you can rely on our comparison table above.


To find out the breed of an animal such as a dog or even a horse, it is possible to do a DNA test. Laboratories offering this type of analysis are not so numerous, but there are still laboratories offering this type of kit such as EasyDNA. Do not hesitate to consult our classification of DNA tests.