AI Time Machine Review : the app that takes you back in time

  • Photo animation
  • Diversifying effects
  • Price
  • Safety

Our view

Based on AI Generative Stable Diffusion, MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine takes you back in time and changes your perception of your genealogy. Using your photos and personal information, the tool reveals what you might have looked like in your past. With just a few clicks, it generates hundreds of images of you at different times in history. These photos can then be shared between family members or on various social networks.  

The emergence of artificial intelligence has led to major transformations in various sectors. To stand out from the crowd and optimize their offerings, many companies are embracing AI. MyHeritage, a pioneer in genealogy tool solutions, has introduced AI Time Machine. This tool uses your photos to show what you might have looked like at different times in history.

MyHeritage AI Time Machine: what is it?

MyHeritage is a renowned online genealogy platform that lets you explore your family history and build a detailed family tree. Going beyond simple data collection, MyHeritage has licensed Astria to introduce AI Time Machine into its features.

This technological marvel is based on AI Generative Stable Diffusion. It reveals, through your photos, what you might have looked like in different periods of history (a medieval knight, an Egyptian pharaoh, etc.). 

How does MyHeritage’s AI Time machine technology work?

MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine isn’t just a tool. It’s a technological feat that merges past and present. The technology uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and interpret the details of a photograph. The tool has several themes depicting different historical eras, from Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt to outer space in the 20ᵉ century.

Artificial intelligence then transforms your photos into beautiful, realistic images representing the person you might have been in the past. What’s more, MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine allows you to discover similarities between your ancestors and their descendants. 

How to use MyHeritage’s Time Machine artificial intelligence

The use of this tool offered by MyHeritage is simple and intuitive, following many steps.

  • First, connect to the MyHeritage platform.
  • Upload 10 to 25 photos of you or the person whose likeness you would like to see in the past.
  • Enter your name, gender, and press continue.

How many avatars can MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine generate?

When you create your account, you can generate 50 themes and a total of 400 images for free. You can also take out a Premium or Data subscription to make unlimited use of MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine functionality.

How long does it take to create avatars?

With MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine, the magic happens at a speed that might surprise you. In just 30 minutes, or even two hours for certain images, this cutting-edge technology analyzes and transforms your images.

Generating images with additional themes takes a few extra minutes. An e-mail will be sent to you when your images are created. 

What can the image generated by MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine be used for ?


Watermarks are added to images generated by the AI Time Machine to differentiate them from real photos. You can share your hyperrealistic images on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), and WhatsApp. What’s more, you can share images between family members. What’s more, a MyHeritage account is created for you when you upload the images. You can then use them to achieve your genealogy after taking your MyHeritage DNA test.

By the way, you also have the option of digitizing old photos with the Reimagine mobile app.

AI Time Machine and the protection of personal data: what about it?

MyHeritage, aware of the importance of data protection, has implemented rigorous measures to guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

The platform uses advanced security protocols to protect your data against possible intrusions. 

MyHeritage uses encryption technologies to protect your sensitive information. And in the interests of transparency, a privacy policy is available to you. And it details how your personal information is collected and processed. 

AI Time Machine MyHeritage: free or paid?

You can use MyHeritage’s AI tool on mobile and computer, but it’s not totally free. For €10, you can submit your photos and create up to 400 different images. And if you have a Premium subscription, you get unlimited access to the images you can generate. MyHeritage’s full subscription also gives you access to a database of over 18 billion historical documents.

Advantages and disadvantages of AI Time Machine

  • Utility compatible with tablet, mobile and desktop
  • Create stunning AI avatars
  • The tool features multiple themes
  • Easy sharing with friends/family.
  • Images can be used to complete the family tree
  • Requires subscription to get access to more images
  • Results vary depending on photos

Some practical tips for better use of MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine

To make the best use of the AI image generation tool, you can follow these practical tips:

    1. Choose quality images of the same person
    2. Import 3 full body shots, 5 upper body shots (from chest up) and 10 close-ups
    3. The photos must be taken on different days with different poses and expressions, with the eyes looking in different directions.
    4. Use different backgrounds and lighting conditions
    5. Avoid wearing make-up to avoid influencing image rendering
    6. Avoid wearing sunglasses, hats or other accessories capable of masking your face
    7. Avoid photos of minors, nudity or in swimsuits
    8. Do not remove the AI watermark located in the corner of photos received as results

Our impressions of AI Time Machine MyHeritage

We believe that MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine has truly redefined the boundaries of genealogy. As a pioneer, My Heritage has combined cutting-edge technology with a passion for family history. As a result, the company is positioning its tool as an essential revolution in the genealogy field.

By offering the possibility of discovering one’s past, the AI Time Machine helps to solve many family riddles. For all genealogy enthusiasts, exploring this innovation is an invitation to a unique experience.