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What our genealogists have to say about Quick DNA ?

Quick DNA, an ISO 17025-certified laboratory, is a benchmark in DNA testing thanks to its speed and accuracy. The laboratory offers ethnicity, paternity, prenatal and animal testing. Thanks to a team of experts, it ensures meticulous double-checking of samples and delivers results that are 99.997% (virtually 100%) reliable. A tracking platform is available to enable customers to monitor orders in real time. What’s more, Quick DNA offers impressive value for money, and applies an impeccable confidentiality policy.

To quickly decipher the secrets of your DNA (ethnic origins, paternity, etc.) is the promise of the Quick DNA laboratory. But is it too good to be true? What about the accuracy and reliability of these DNA tests. We’ve ordered and tested Quick DNA’s DNA test and give you our opinion in this article.

Quick DNA: what you need to know

🌐 Site web
🗓️ Year of creation2018
🧬Type of testDNA test origins
DNA paternity test
Prenatal paternity test
Animal genetics test
🌏 Geographical coverage4 529 areas
🧪 Type of samplingCheek sample
📈 Results reportsEthnic origins
Pharmacological compatibility
Screening for hereditary diseases
Nutritional and physical genetics
Maternal and paternal haplogroups
Identification of your pet’s breed
Drug sensitivity
💾 Database17 millions
🔍 Search tools
🔬 Reliability and precision100 %
⏳Processing time72 h
📞 customer supportcontact@quickdna.com
💵 PriceEthnic origin test: € 99.90
Prenatal paternity test: € 299.90
Paternity test: € 99.90
Animal genetics test: 99, 90
🗂 Data compatibility
💪 HighlightsDelivery of results within 72 h
ISO 17025-certified laboratory
Staff specialized in molecular genetics
Possibility of discreet testing
Double-checking of samples

Advantages and disadvantages of Quick DNA

  • Results accuracy greater than 99, 997%
  • Availability of results in less than 72 h
  • Delivery of results in 10 days maximum
  • Double verification of samples
  • Comparison of samples for origins testing to a database of over 17 million individuals
  • The test provides a comprehensive nutritional and sports profile report
  • Detection of 5,923 hereditary diseases
  • Strengthened security of personal data
  • Possibility of tracing your relatives via QuickConnect
  • Reactive customer service
  • Affordable and competitive rates
  • Possibility of delivery in United-States
  • Not exhaustive on all origins
  • Impossible to analyze large quantities of DNA
  • Quick DNA only supports specific file formats
  • Inability to create a complete family tree
  • Interpretation of results sometimes complex

Quick DNA : What’s that all about?

Quick DNA is an American laboratory specializing in DNA analysis. It is under the aegis of Ferber Enterprises and holds ISO 1705 certification, guaranteeing genetic accuracy in excess of 99.997%. Although American, this genealogical laboratory is domiciled in the Czech Republic and strictly complies with European regulations on reliability and data protection.

Quick DNA brings together scientists, experts and young clinicians to ensure impeccable test reliability. Indeed, every test undergoes double-checking by molecular genetic experts using cutting-edge DNA testing techniques.

Who can use Quick DNA?

Wondering if the Quick DNA test is right for you? Find out who can really benefit from this innovation in genetics.

People looking to find out about their genealogy

The origin DNA test from the Quick DNA laboratory can help uncover the ethnic origins of millions of individuals. If you’re one of those people looking to uncover distant similarities and the mysteries of your genealogy, this test is automatically the ideal option.

With just a few drops of your saliva, Quick DNA compares your genetic code with its database of over 17 million individuals. This test allows you to trace the history of your family lineage, and even connect with distant relatives in all parts of the world.

Couples planning to have children 

You’re in a relationship and the idea of having children crosses your mind? Taking the Quick DNA test before you embark on this adventure can be a great help. This test can offer you valuable insight into the possible genetic predispositions you could pass on to your offspring.

It’s really a proactive approach, a way of anticipating and preparing for the arrival of your future baby. By better understanding your genetic heritage, you’re making an act of love, offering your future child an informed and caring environment right from the start. Quick DNA can also help you determine your child’s paternity. 

People with health problems

Quick DNA can also be used by people with health problems. Many health concerns can have genetic origins. And Quick DNA can be the key to understanding your body. By analyzing your DNA, you could discover predispositions to certain diseases, or understand why certain treatments don’t work for you. As a result, you can take preventive measures, adapt your lifestyle or direct your medical care.

Law enforcement agencies

Quick DNA can help solve forensic puzzles. Nowadays, in a matter of hours, genetic clues can guide an investigation, confirm hypotheses or clear an individual. As a result, law enforcement agencies, such as the police or gendarmerie, can use Quick DNA to solve cases. 

Whether identifying a suspect through DNA traces left at a crime scene, or finding a missing person, this fast and accurate technology has become indispensable.

Advantages of the Quick ADN DNA kit
  • Genetic code comparison with a database of over 17 million individuals
  • The test provides insight into genetic predispositions
  • Quick DNA provides useful information for medical management
  • DNA matches make it possible to trace living relatives
  • Information obtained with Quick DNA can help solve criminal investigations

The different types of DNA test offered by Quick DNA

Quick DNA offers a range of tests that open the door to your genetic heritage.

Ethnic origin test


Quick DNA offers you an ethnic origin test to discover the source of your ancestral lineage. The test analyzes specific segments of your DNA and reveals the regions of the world (4,529 in total) from which your ancestors originated. You could discover roots in Europe, Africa, Asia or elsewhere, and perhaps establish your genealogy.

This DNA origins test also analyzes over 200 genetic traits and assesses your predisposition to 5,923 hereditary diseases. Thanks to this test, you can determine your tolerance to certain medications, your sports genetics and your nutritional profile.

The parentage test


Quick DNA offers you a relationship test to help dispel any doubts about your family ties. The test compares your DNA sequences with those of another person to determine the existence of a biological link. The special feature of this test is that it can be carried out discreetly.

A hair, a used handkerchief, chewing gum, a toothbrush and a cigarette butt can be used as samples. In less than three days, you can already know your relationship with the person whose sample you’re testing. With Quick DNA, you’re assured of a reliable result, offering you clarity and serenity in your family journey.

The prenatal paternity test (before birth)


Imagine being able to lift the veil on paternity ties even before your child is born. That’s what Quick DNA offers with its prenatal paternity test. Safe for the baby, this test analyzes the fetal DNA present in the mother’s blood.

Performing this test requires a DNA sample taken directly from the mother’s vagina and a few drops of the father’s saliva. This way, you can know in advance whether you are the child’s progenitor before he or she is born.

This prenatal paternity test offers you peace of mind and prepares you emotionally before the arrival of your little treasure.

Genetic DNA testing for animals


Quick DNA an animal genetics DNA test to discover the racial origins of your dog or other four-legged companions. This test can identify up to 650 breeds and types of animal species, as well as your pet’s predisposition to certain diseases. With Quick DNA, you get even closer to your pet, by understanding its history and genetics. You’ll learn about your pet’s reactions to certain veterinary drugs, so you can take better care of him or her.

Benefits of Quick DNA tests
  • Determine exactly where your ancestors came from
  • Analyzes over 200 genetic traits 
  • Evaluates genetic predispositions to 5,923 diseases 
  • Traces kinship links between multiple individuals
  • Offers the possibility of knowing a child’s biological links before birth
  • Helps determine the origins, type and breed of an animal

How to order a Quick DNA test?

Ordering the Quick DNA test is child’s play. Go to the lab’s official store website to choose the test you’d like to purchase. A few clicks later, your order is placed. However, before placing your order, you must have a valid delivery address and be at least 18 years old.

How to perform a Quick DNA rapid test

Have you decided to embark on this fascinating quest for self with the Quick DNA test? You can take and complete your test at home. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Order your Quick DNA test kit by indicating your location and delivery address.
  2. An envelope containing the sampling kits will be sent to you within 48 or 72 hours of your order.
  3. Use the swabs contained in the kit to collect the sample to be analyzed (by rubbing the inside of the mouth or vagina).
  4. For parentage and prenatal paternity tests, take a sample of saliva from the father or child either in the mouth with the swab, or on a utensil that may contain DNA. If you’re looking for more discretion, use a hair, a handkerchief, a cigarette butt or chewing gum…).
  5. Return the form and samples in the envelope provided.
  6. Send the envelope to the company by post to the address provided.

The Quick DNA team will take over and analyze your DNA with surgical precision. And in a flash, or almost, your results will come back to you, revealing the secrets nestled in your genetic code.

Precautions to take when using Quick DNA

The use of Quick DNA requires certain precautions to be taken. Incorrect use can distort results and lengthen their delivery time. Therefore, be sure to use the kit in a clean environment to avoid contamination. Also, read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.

What about Quick DNA’s QuickConnect?

QuickConnect is a free platform offered by QuickDNA that allows you to view the results of your Quick DNA test. To use it, you need to register using your e-mail address, which gives you access to your secure personal space. The QuickConnect platform also lets you share your data. This way, you can get in touch with other users with a similar genetic code.

Quick DNA features

The Quick DNA test in our opinion dominates the online DNA testing market thanks to its many special features.

Competitive pricing

Quick DNA also stands out for its competitive pricing policy. It opens its doors to you without asking you to break your piggy bank. The laboratory has succeeded in the bold gamble of combining quality, precision and affordability.

So, for less than 100 euros, you can buy a QuickDNA test to discover your genetic heritage. The competition, on the other hand, will charge you in excess of 200 euros for an origins test. Prenatal testing costs up to 1,000 euros at other laboratories, compared with just 299 euros at Quick DNA.

Results available in 72 h 

If we think Quick DNA is the best laboratory in the field today, it’s also because of the speed with which results are delivered. No need to wait for 4 to 6 weeks to find out about your genetic heritage and your child’s paternity.

Results are available just 3 days after the laboratory receives your sample. In addition to the delivery time, you’ll have your results in your mailbox within 7 and 10 days maximum. 

Reliability of results

Quick DNA’s main strength is the unwavering reliability of its analyses. Every sample is processed with the utmost care, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure surgical precision. What’s more, the laboratory is certified to ISO 17025. This international accreditation generally guarantees results accuracy and reliability in excess of 99.997%. With Quick DNA, every sequence, every strand of DNA is scrutinized with meticulous attention.

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Data security at Quick DNA

Quick DNA attaches great value to its customers’ personal data. Not only are results of exemplary reliability, but they are also protected with unrivalled rigor. Quick DNA is committed to never sharing, selling or compromising your data.

Your personal data will only be used for analysis purposes. You can request their deletion at any time. The QuickConnect platform has several levels of security and includes access controls, cryptographic keys and SSL/TLS encryption.

Furthermore, the Quick DNA laboratory is also subject to European regulations on the protection of personal data, known for their rigor.

The final word on the lab on Quick DNA

We think Quick DNA is a reliable lab to order DNA analysis from. We have tried to investigate the reliability of the promises made by this laboratory and our feedback is more than satisfactory. Indeed, the promise of an accuracy greater than 99.997% has been fulfilled. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed with which results were made available, meeting the advertised 48 h-72 h turnaround time. 

Our results arrived in a carefully sealed unmarked envelope, a testament to the confidentiality praised by the laboratory. Data protection is clearly a priority for Quick DNA, which is reassuring. But although the results are detailed, their interpretation can be complex. A more in-depth guide would be appreciated. Some results, particularly those concerning predisposition to certain diseases, can be emotionally difficult to digest.